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  • Bail Bonds Hours – Downtown Bail Bondsman

    Bail Bonds Hours – Downtown Bail Bondsman

    Fred Frank Bail Bonds has been in business and serving the people of Baltimore and all of Maryland for over 30 years. Located downtown, we have bail agents located throughout the state, at every major courthouse and jail, in every county. People often ask us what our hours are and we’re very happy to report […]

  • Bail Reform Shows No Positive Impact in Maryland

    Bail Reform Shows No Positive Impact in Maryland

    Hell on Earth In Maryland, being arrested in Baltimore comes with uglier consequences than one might expect. You see, if you happen to be unfortunate enough to go to jail in Baltimore, you’ll sit in a stark cell, where those accused of murder will sit beside those who had a few too many beers at […]

  • 24 hour bail bonds

    24 hour bail bonds

    Why would you spend a minute more than you need to inside a jail cell? If you or a loved one are in the unfortunate position of being arrested after hours or on a weekend, you may be told that you need to wait until the morning of the next business day to have the […]

  • Job Prospects After Jail and Bail

    Job Prospects After Jail and Bail

    Many people make mistakes in life, and end up paying for those mistakes many times over. If you’ve been unfortunate enough to have any kind of criminal conviction your past, you know that this record can stick with you for years after you’ve paid your debt to society, particularly in the form of barriers to […]

  • Bail Bonds Close to Me

    Bail Bonds Close to Me

    It’s a nightmare situation – you have a spouse, significant other, friend, family, or other loved one in jail and don’t know what to do. Unfortunately, the situation is all too common, because these aren’t the types of situations that we tend to plan for. If you live in Maryland, where “commercial bail” is available, […]

  • Out-of-State Bail Bonds

    Can I get a local bail bondsman to post a bond for me in another state? So, your loved one has been arrested. As if that’s not enough, it happened while he or she was out of state. Suddenly a complicated and difficult situation seems even more complex and difficult. Will you have to travel […]