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  • 3 Ways Bail Reform Will Hurt YOU, #2 Will Shock You

    3 Ways Bail Reform Will Hurt YOU, #2 Will Shock You

    From lost jobs and greater dependence on government and taxes to getting shot in the face, bail reform is hurting Americans from coast to coast. The stories about bail reform have been so ugly to date that it’s hard to fathom why so many are still so much in favor. Here’s just three of the […]

  • Movie Bounty Hunters – Much More Interesting Than Real Life

    Movie Bounty Hunters – Much More Interesting Than Real Life

    Let’s have a little fun…the role of “bounty hunter” has been glorified in stories, movies, television, and the press for decades. The reality, as any fugitive recovery agent (aka “bounty hunter”) will tell you, is much less glamorous. Long road trips, surveillance, asking lots of questions and, if you’re unlucky, an altercation of some sort. […]

  • Boba Fett – The Best Bounty Hunter of All Time?

    Boba Fett, best bounty hunter of all time? Sure, he’s a fictional character…but, really, is this even a contest? Mandalorian armor? Check. Deadly weapons? Check. Strong, silent type? Check. OK then…for the geeky bad-ass out there, this is a topic worthy of exploration. And since it’s the day after Thanksgiving and we’re interested in taking […]

  • Fugitive Recovery Agents & Bail Enforcement

    Known more commonly as “bounty hunters” (a term not preferred by those practicing the profession), Fugitive Recovery Agents track down and “recover” (i.e. apprehend and return) individuals who have fled to avoid appearing before a court. Such individuals will have been released under a posted bail agreement and made use of a bail bondsman to […]

  • Bail Bonds Jobs

    Bail Bonds Jobs

    If you’re looking for a job in the bail bonds industry – specifically as a bail bondsman or bail agent – the place to start in Maryland is the Maryland Insurance Commission. This is the agency within the state that regulates the insurance industry in the state of Maryland, including (obviously) surety bonds. Bail bonds […]