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  • The Broken Window Theory and Crowded Jails

    The Broken Window Theory and Crowded Jails

    It’s a fairly well-established theory of crime fighting, and it appears to have worked extremely well in New York City which, despite its size, is actually much safer than Baltimore (by a large margin, it would appear). It’s the “Broken Window” theory, i.e. – the notion that by cracking down on nuisance crimes, police actually […]

  • What Happens At Baltimore City Bail Review ?

    Every defendant arrested in Baltimore City who has a bail set by the District Court Commissioner is entitled to a bail review hearing within 24 hours of being “booked” at The Central Booking and Intake Facility (CBIF). In most cases, this event happens the following day, however individuals arrested late Thursday night through Sunday or […]

  • How Bail Works at Baltimore City’s Central Booking

    Years ago, for the purpose of fighting crime, Baltimore City was broken down into districts. In each district was a station house, with holding cells inside. Depending on where a defendant was arrested, he would be taken to the district that serviced that area. Upon being taken in, the defendant would immediately be allowed a […]