Rebuilding Your Life after Bail

You’ve been arrested but you’ve posted bail, perhaps with the assistance of a bail bondsman. Is this rock bottom? Is this what it feels like to seemingly lose everything you’ve spent your life building?

Perhaps. And if so, then there’s a distinct ray of hope available to you. If this is rock bottom, then everything gets better from here.

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” – J.K. Rowling

But wait, I hear you say. There’s still the trial ahead of you. There’s still a journey ahead of you, even if its just to get to the moment when you discover what your future may hold with respect to a conviction and potential prison time.
But you get to choose how you approach that. The wheels of the justice system will turn as they are going to turn, and you have little control over that. You may be tempted to think that you can escape what’s coming by leaving town quietly in the night, though it’s worth saying that not only is there no honor in running away from your problems, but Fugitive Recovery Agents (i.e. “Bounty Hunters”) (link) have a success rate exceeding 90%, so the most likely outcome of that approach is that you’ll be right back where you are today, but with a record now of having attempted avoidance.

Rebuilding is Slow. Rebuilding is Painful. Rebuilding is Hard.

People don’t change easily. People are driven by habits, and people are constrained by fear. But to do the things you’ve done all your life and expect your life to be different is a common definition of insanity.

Your job today, if you’ve decided that you’re ready to turn your life around, is to decide that this is your priority. Your challenge is to find the tools, the approaches and the accountability to make sure that it happens, not only on day 1, but on day 100, and day 1,000.

There are a million resources available to you, many at no cost, to begin implementing a rebuilding program for your life. We provide a few places to begin below:

While we don’t do many posts like this that focus on your personal journey, we need to occasionally acknowledge that people that we come across as bail bondsmen are often facing some of the worst days of their lives, and we seek to provide a service that not only helps with keeping families together, but helps put them on a better track to ensure that they never need such services again.